About Patricia Kantor

I have a passion for helping people.

Patricia Kantor

I founded Patricia Kantor Associates because I’m enthusiastic about what I do. I believe deeply in my time-tested techniques because I’ve used them successfully, worldwide, as a presentations coach and communications trainer. I have seen my clients go on to make powerful presentations, communicate from the executive suite far better than they ever imagined they could, develop into powerful speakers and writers, possessed of the polish of excellent business etiquette. I am dedicated to every person I have guided through my coaching process, and love helping each one of them develop and flourish.

I originally trained in South Africa and the U.S. as an occupational therapist, and I helped injured patients recuperate, rebuild their professional lives and make a fresh start. My change in career, to coaching executives in communicating, was inspired by the commitment I developed as a therapist, to helping people achieve their highest potential. It was a logical transition, and very fulfilling.

For 10 years, I aligned myself with several of New York’s premiere comunications firms. In 1995, I founded Patricia Kantor Associates to help speakers communicate effectively, by crafting elegant and relevant presentations, delivered with confidence and power. I founded my practice on a set of tangible, teachable techniques I had developed, including: a fail-safe speech format; a method for constructive critique that draws on my clients’ unique strengths; my individual touch as a coach, able to work one-on-one even in large groups. My clients consistently remark on my personal, gentle style, which they say turns a relevant, effective training experience into a truly enjoyable one.

In recent years, I have extended my work globally, expanding the cross-cultural component. I have coached displaced Iraqi scholars who fled war for Amman, Jordan, under the auspices of Scholar Rescue Fund of the Institute of International Education. I return regularly to my native South Africa to work with one of the country’s largest retail chains. I work consistently with my long-time international client, UNDP, including at conferences, regional and global headquarters, in Thailand, Indonesia, Denmark, Johannesburg and New York, sharpening their messages and communications to strengthen their work for economic development and fight against poverty. I also partnered with consulting firm CenterNorth to develop Client Engagement and Presentation Training programs for IT and outsourcing companies in India.

I am passionate about helping people find the proper voice –sometimes in several different registers –to allow them to present as effectively as they possibly can, in high-stakes settings and situations. My clients leave being able to present powerful messages, and they leave instilled with a sense of confidence and grace.