About Patricia Kantor Associates

Patricia Kantor Associates provides presentation and executive skills training for a wide range of domestic and international firms.

Our long and distinguished client list contains some of the best known Fortune 1000 and Business Week Global 1000 corporations as well as prestigious organizations such as the United Nations.

Patricia Kantor, through her years of successful training, has developed her own remarkable program to match “the power of communication with the power of ideas.” Using a series of modules that assess, train, develop and review, she structures her sessions to enhance personal strengths, build technique and confidence, and ultimately ensure success.

Over the course of Ms. Kantor’s career, her program has been developed and perfected to provide powerful, effective techniques which can be implemented immediately to change the way you are perceived as a speaker.

Patricia Kantor Associates is in the business of training people to create concise dynamic presentations for virtually any business need. End result: you’ll present with clarity and style. You’ll deliver your message with precise control, and make a powerful impression.

My passion is helping people change the way they feel about speaking. What I have is a program that really works. It helps structure a presentation, simply and clearly. Beyond that, I love to find out what’s unique about a person, and gently guide that person to make that a part of the whole presentation process. That‘s what makes a presentation something other people will really want to listen to.”

~ Patricia Kantor