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tataA large billboard loomed over the Mumbai sea link. It displayed a dashing cricketer in action and the quote:

One second to play the perfect shot, a lifetime to bask in its glory.” ~ Tata

I was on my way to deliver a Presentation Training program in Mumbai and instantly I thought “Ah, how relevant – that’s exactly what presentations are all about”.

That is what we strive for; that moment to connect with the audience during a well crafted speech.

I had been invited to provide Cross-cultural and Presentation training for IT outsourcing companies who provide support and research for many western financial companies. As with any presentation, in any culture, in front of any audience, it is essential that you capture the audience’s attention, seize the moment and get your message across. It can have significant, long lasting and powerful impact. What perfect timing to see this display so prominently placed cross the highway!

I can’t describe how many presentations I’ve sat through where the speaker is going on about a topic without passion, key points…or preparation! It is such a shame to squander the time and miss the moment to connect with your audience.

So how do you “capture this moment”?

  • Consider why you are talking in the first place (your objective and reason)
  • Distill what your key message is (what is this really, really all about)
  • How can you connect it to your audience (is there a relatable story or scenario to draw them in)
  • A few thoughtful insights are irresistible (we all love the inside information and secrets)
  • Tie it to an outcome (a call to action or ask)

Make it matter, keep it short and to the point (the audience always appreciates this) If you have something important to share, don’t miss the opportunity – its in your hands.

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