Case Study: Pimco


Leaner and Cleaner

Teaching Information Junkies to Select, When Less Is More

The Challenge

The future depends on honing rising talent at PIMCO, a growing company that is committed to identifying the next generation of analysts and leaders. It knows its client-facing staff need enhanced presentations to win over new investors and solidify relationships with existing ones. HR knows from annual reviews their people want and need presentation training at PIMCO, Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC, a Newport Beach money-management firm and one of the largest bond investment companies in the world.

When they meet or address clients, PIMCO’s young analysts would often present a very long, complicated book of information, rather than extracting the most relevant, key messages. They weren’t meeting the challenge of telling the market story in its essence. They weren’t able to bring dry information to life. They were set on making too many points, in a rush, as if this was the best way to showcase their expertise. Instead, they ended up turning what might have been a convincing case into a data dump.

Presentations threatened to become a numbers onslaught, not a cohesive, vivid, convincing look at the market, filtered through PIMCO’s powerful vision.

The Solution

My sessions focused on constructing clear, concise presentations for current and potential clients, filled with powerful messages. I helped workshop participants extract—or harvest–key points from very detailed pitch books, to develop a “story” with momentum and flow. They learned to capture the recommendations that would be most important and compelling to their clients.

After training, presenters became more effective by learning to keep it lean and to develop a narrative, building towards the all-important recommendations. Presenters learned how to select, and use, graphs and charts strategically, to support their central messages.

We also focused on confident delivery. One trainee called it, “finding my own grace.”

My Approach

We worked towards achieving presentations tailored to the audience, which allowed PIMCO’s young talent to engage in a meaningful way, building relationships with current and potential clients by showing that their needs are understood.

Results show that my approach has been effective, improving presentations across the company. After my training sessions, managers have said they’re delighted by the changes they see. They’re now happy to send their rising talent out on their own for speaking engagements.

In the end, every presentation becomes an answer to the question, ‘Why PIMCO?’ The powerful presenter embodies the answer: PIMCO represents consistent success, high-quality and clear thinking, and attention to the client’s need for long-term wealth-building.

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Client Comments

“Thank you Patricia! I’m very fortunate to be coached by you. In addition to learning the presentation techniques, I treasure the mindfulness and grace in you that will remind me to find my own grace.”

“We all spoke after the class and agreed that your style was great. We didn’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by your feedback……The structure outline was by far the greatest take away.”


View from the Training Room

A view from the training room: Training in the clouds…

Specific Tools used:

  • Individual coaching
  • Small group workshops
  • Videotaping and feedback
  • Interview Training
  • Q&A role-play and practice sessions
  • Team brainstorming sessions to elicit key messages

Photo Credit: Tim Pearce, Los Gatos via Compfight cc