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“How do I choose the right presentation trainer for my company?”

Maybe you have a big presentation coming up. Or perhaps someone on your team needs to freshen up their presentation style in order to meet sales targets. Some people struggle with staying on topic (and on time!). Others need to work on handling Q & A, or integrating visuals.

People’s needs are diverse, but in today’s competitive professional environment, practically everyone needs dynamic presentation skills. And almost everyone could stand to improve.

So how do you choose the best trainer for yourself or your company?

There are many presentation training companies, specializing in a variety of areas. There are many skilled, informed, helpful trainers. Sorting through them all can be confusing.

Here are some guidelines for how to approach this question:

  • You should have a chance to meet the trainer assigned to your engagement in advance. This is especially important if they come from large company. You must feel comfortable with their content, style and energy. You should go into the workshop feeling totally confident that they could deliver and meet your needs.

For example, in my own practice, I try (whenever possible) to meet with potential clients beforehand. This allows us to make sure we are the right “fit.” These meetings invariably reveal something extra about the person and their goals, which helps me to customize the program.

  • When considering a trainer, ask questions that will help you to get a sense of the trainer’s own background and perspective. Some come from acting, others from finance or sales. A trainer’s background will influence their approach to your engagement, so be sure that your aims and styles are compatible.

For example, in my own practice, I have experience working with clients to overcome their fears of public speaking and developing engaging content. I am able to give them tools that they can implement immediately to make a compelling presentation.

  • Beyond the usual “speaking skills,” assess if the trainer is acutely attuned to the context and subtleties of your needs as a client. Do they have experience working with other clients in your industry? Will they be able to tailor the program to meet your specific needs and help you overcome obstacles? Can they help you reach new heights and capture the audience?

For example, in my own practice, I focus on clarifying the client’s objective and the audience they need to reach. It’s all about context! It’s about making it meaningful to the audience. It’s about selecting the stories that motivate or move people. Ultimately, speakers need to be effective in reaching their audience, and conveying a powerful message.

So besides content and delivery, what is the “magic sauce?”

In my own practice, it’s all about having an inspiring presence that makes a trainer special beyond merely good skills. At almost every workshop, clients tell me that they take away transformative skills.

A young client once asked me: ““What do the numbers 2 and 50 have in common?”
“The 2 days that I spent attending this course is going to change or influence the next 50 years of my life.”

I enjoy working closely with the client to find out what’s unique about a person, and gently guide that person to make that part of the whole presentation process. That’s what makes a presentation something other people will really want to listen to.

We start with crafting a compelling message, developing rich content including personal insights and stories. Next, we address ways to engage the audience, project voice and deliver with confidence!

Let me help you find the right person for the right client for a particular need.

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Patricia Kantor training at Pick n Pay in South Africa

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