Here’s what some of our recent clients had to say after bringing some of their presentation challenges to Patricia Kantor:

United Nations Development Programme

Patricia Kantor worked with our staff in Bangkok, Thailand in 2007 and the event was extremely well received. Ms Kantor’s own international experience was a boon to her work with our very diverse staff. Ms Kantor received a perfect score on our evaluation questionnaire – the first time that was achieved in more than 10 years in the training branch of the United Nations Development Programme.

Learning Manager Network Coordinator, LRC – UNDP

…You were 9 for 9 — a unanimous verdict that the training was superb, that you were “in good control” and that the amount of material was just right.  Personally, I most admired the way you built trust and maintained a constructive, positive environment.  You were in a room with hard-driving, competitive high-achievers.  You helped bring out the best in all of us.

Deputy Director, Human Development Report Office, UNDP

The training was a huge success. So much so that the rest of HDRO staff were very envious and felt they could benefit as well, so we brought Patricia back to do the workshop again for the rest of the office. In addition to the hands-on practice the workshops offered and the simple, no-fail formula Patricia has for building a presentation, these workshops were also a kind of team-building exercise– staff working together in a supportive and collegial atmosphere. Patricia created this safe atmosphere that enabled staff at all levels and units, to critique each others’ presentations in a constructive way. Finally, we have really seen the benefits of the newly acquired professionalism at several key events. At our HDR2006 Advisory Panel meeting of eminent water experts (including Princes, Ministers and other intimidating titles), each member of the HDR writing team presented their chapter. The Panel members were extremely impressed with the presentations and the presenters, and complimented K’s so generously on his team. We all agreed afterwards that Patricia’s workshop had made a big difference.

Deputy Director, HDRO, UNDP

I wanted to thank you again for the truly amazing workshop! It was both a great pleasure and a great learning experience, and I truly admire your presentation skills and the way you effectively and gracefully interacted with the group and each one of us.

Policy specialist, Capacity Development Group, UNDP

We have received very positive feedback from staff on the training, and the learning is being applied on a daily basis – in our communication with clients as well as presentations, which we have to make at different types of events. It has been a great experience working with you over the past year. We appreciate very much the hands-on and active learning approach applied in your training workshops, as well as your cooperative and human approach, and ability to accommodate our specific needs and interests in the communication workshops.

JPO Service Center, Staff Administrative Services, OHR, UNDP

I have already benefited greatly from the workshop. I had to give a presentation/speech on 15 min notice to a group of interns who work for one of our sponsors. It was really helpful to have your magic formula in my mind… and it went very well! Thank you again for the great workshop!

Programme Specialist, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, UNDP

I particularly found the Presentation Skills training useful – “forcing” us to stand up in front of the group and practice the techniques we had just learned really helped in my understanding of what you taught us. The framework made it simpler for me to organize my thoughts and shifted the focus from being very self conscious to making sure the listeners got the message I wanted them to walk away with. It was really helpful to watch each others’ presentations and give feedback to one another, and it was amazing to see the transformation from the first day to the second!

JPO Service Centre, SAS, Office of Human Resources

Last week I was at a big conference where I gave a speech for 400 people. Actually, a “selling” speech to have them vote for me to be member of the Board. I used all the advice you gave us in setting up a speech and made a clear and interesting message. It worked perfectly. I was a little nervous still but it went well very and I was elected for the Board. Thank you so much for the valuable presentation skill training.

Human Resources Associate, Benefits & Entitlement Services, Staff Administrative Services

I am happy to inform you that I passed my UN Resident Coordinator Center Assessment.  The training and coaching on presentation skill and interviewing techniques were indispensible.  You prepared me well and I felt very confident during the assessment. The valuable skills I learned from you will continue to be useful in my future professional development. I will always be grateful for your support.

UNDP Country Advisor, Regional Bureau for Africa (RBA), New York

Thank you for the sterling workshop you delivered recently for Regional Bureau for Africa in preparation of our candidates for the UN Resident Coordinator assessment. In particular, the practical lessons in communication, presentation and interviewing were invaluable.  Some of the more silent skills and competencies of the candidates were brought to the fore as a result of your excellent workshop. I have been asked by the participants to once again send to you their sincere appreciation for the support you provided to them and for the follow up DVDs.

Senior Advisor to the Director on Gender and Inclusive Development


Greetings from Sunny Copenhagen. Our team of Finance practitioners, Internal Auditors & Information technologists are still glowing with excitement & are ready for their next business presentation using your trusted formula of success. The 3 days have been an amazing learning experience. Thank you Patricia – you changed fears into winning strategies!

Chief Financial Officer/Comptroller|Finance Practice Group, UNOPS

HDRO United Nations

The training was a huge success. In addition to the hands-on practice the workshops offered and the simple, no-fail formula Patricia has for building a presentation, these workshops were also a kind of team-building exercise– staff working together in a supportive and collegial atmosphere. Patricia created this safe atmosphere that enabled staff at all levels and units, to critique each others’ presentations in a constructive way.

Deputy Director, HDRO, United Nations

Institute of International Education

The SRF has had the pleasure of working with Patricia Kantor on two occasions where she traveled to Jordan to work with the program’s senior Iraqi scholar-grantees. In both cases, Patricia created a unique and dynamic training course for a very particular group of individuals. 100% of the participants from both workshops were impressed by Ms. Kantor’s program and her abilities as an instructor. She has a wonderful capacity to create a safe environment in her workshops, which has been key in her interactions with our grantees – all of whom have been effected by the war in Iraq and have suffered tremendous personal losses. Patricia has worked effectively to ensure that our beneficiaries have confidence in their ability to present in any context, be it academic or otherwise, and she has taught them skills that will serve them throughout their professional careers.

Executive Director, Scholar Rescue Fund, IIE


Patricia and I quickly developed a friendly rapport which assisted when working on major projects that needed to be developed under tight and constrained deadlines. Patricia’s council was valuable in several areas including: content development, clarity of insight, and efficient structuring of several different types of presentations. In addition, I found that Patricia was as interested in helping me develop the skills of public communication as she was in assisting the delivery of a specific project.

Patricia was also helpful in developing the broad array of skills. These were used in various ways ranging from impromptu telephone conference call pitches, informal small group introductions, to major global industry presentations. I have no doubt that Patricia’s expertise has resulted in better outcomes for me personally and major business wins for UBS Investment Bank.

Managing Managing Director, UBS Investment Bank.

I learned so much in your class and have recommended it to all my colleagues. I feel like I have a new sense of confidence (and power!).

Associate Director, UBS Investment Bank

Thank you very much for such an interesting and beneficial training. I thought it was very valuable and thought provoking. My only regret is I had to slip out at the end for a client meeting.

Managing Director, Ratings Advisory Group, UBS

I recently took the two-day Presentation Skills workshop with Patricia Kantor and wanted to send you a note to tell you that it was an incredibly beneficial class, one that I fully enjoyed as well. Patricia taught relevant skills that were immediately transferable to my day-to-day work. I know in this time of cost cutting you may have to scale back on these courses but I think in the long run this saves the Firm money. I hope that you can keep this course in the rotation and that others at UBS can benefit as much as I did.

Compliance Dept, UBS Investment Bank

Novo Nordisk 2009

Excellence in execution and collaboration start with effective communication

“When you present, you lead,” said Patricia Kantor, renowned speaker who specializes in training people to create persuasive, concise, and dynamic presentations. On April 28, Patricia spoke to the Strategic Business Development department at the group’s off-site meeting as a part of the department’s “people plan”.

“What you say first is the most important part of your presentation,” said Patricia, “you need to draw your audience in, make them want to listen to what you’re going to say next.”

SBD colleagues learned the importance of making content meaningful to an audience to increase the absorption of the main messages. She also stressed that a passionate presenter is a big attention-getter, stating, “If you don’t believe what you’re saying, no one else with either.”

(From company newsletter)


The session was really helpful and your feedback was spot on and actionable. I’m excited to put the framework to practice right away. Sorry for needing to cut our time a bit short.  I’m looking forward to our next session.

Vice President, Institutional Client Facing

Allied NA

Our first training was so successful and well received that we expanded the training to all of our divisions throughout the United States. During this time we have had tremendous positive feedback from our offices and from those we have presented to.

Our team, though extremely knowledgeable, did not portray their strengths adequately when presenting. The before-and-after differences were astonishing. The team is now preparing for their meetings with the efficient, simple organizing outline; making the presentations concise and to the point. Our presentations now have a clear objective and are crafting a strong message, which is allowing for effective communications.

Patricia’s style and obvious knowledge embraces and encourages, allowing for the growth of skills. I highly recommend Patricia Kantor Associates to anyone looking for a fresh perspective on presenting whether as an individual or a group.

President and COO, Allied North America

Optimum Lightpath

As a Presentation Coach, Patricia has proven herself to be a remarkably responsible, confident professional. She has worked with Optimum Lightpath as a Presentation Coach for two years. I am amazed at the ease with which Patricia can fulfill a variety of tasks. Not once have I seen Patricia become overwhelmed by a given assignment. Her methods are easy to follow and done in a confidence building fashion. I have seen Patricia coax even the most hesitant attendee to become involved. Patricia’s patience and style of training would be a tremendous asset to any organization looking to improve on public speaking, presentation skills or general confidence building.

Director of Sales Training

Sometimes sales people develop bad habits and could use constructive criticism to correct them, and that is exactly what I received yesterday. Thank you for bringing in an outstanding trainer – she is very competent and did a wonderful job conveying her points. It was the best training session I have had in years.

Optimum Lightpath, State & Local Government

Pick n Pay

The two-day course was invaluable. I have attended a number of courses over the last 8 years but none has captivated me like this before.

What do the numbers 2 and 50 have in common?
The 2 days that I spent attending this course is going to change or influence the next 50 years of my life.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be in the presence of such a wonderful and powerful presenter, coach, and teacher.

Account exec, Pick n Pay

Presentation Training for Pick n Pay, South Africa (Cape Town, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal):
Delegates: Sr Managers and GM, Regional and Franchise Managers.

  • I am glad I had an opportunity to be in this programme. It was excellent!!! We were all indeed smitten by Patricia’s passionate training.
  • Thank you once again for the wonderful course! The value I’ve received is immense and will make such massive difference in my professional life…
  • This training programme was the best 2 days I’ve had out of the office – ever!
  • It was AWESOME! Really Impactful! Learnt so much! And Patricia is a very effective trainer and lovely person!

I just wanted you to know how much value you added to all those who attended the course. I think your material works very well – the model is very practical, your various checklists are really useful and your insights powerful. Equally or even more so, is the way you facilitated the programme, you were positively reinforcing and at the same time, challenging people to look at their content, approach, style, language, etc. quite specifically and directly, yet in a manner that they progressed and achieved more with every presentation that they gave over the two days. Comments from experienced, discerning and critical colleagues have been extremely enthusiastic.

Director, Human Resources Development, Pick n Pay

From all the courses I have attended in my working career this ranks as one of the best.

  • Topic is relevant to the individual – the content is user determined so anybody can adapt the methodology and apply this to their specific topic.
  • Change is tangible and immediate – you arrive with a story and leave 2 days later not only with a well crafted presentation but the skills needed to delivery it effectively.
  • A great learning amongst team members understanding different divisions and “happenings” within the organization.

The 2 days were immensely valuable to me and I thank you for the opportunity to attend and for the valuable skills I have learnt.”

General Manager, Pick n Pay, South Africa

I am glad I had an opportunity to be in this programme. It was excellent!!! We were all indeed smitten by Patricia’s passionate training.

Senior Human Resources Manager, Northern Region   

Attending your course has made the thought of giving a presentation very simple for me.  Firstly, I now have a tool that assists me with the structure, thereby eliminating many hours of wasted time figuring out where and how to start.

Secondly, the lingering question after a presentation of whether the audience “got it” does not have to be a factor any longer, when I stick to my structure.   Your tips on the delivery are excellent!   The nerves certainly won’t go away, but I will be far more comfortable knowing that I have a very well structured message to deliver.

General Manager – Operations
 Gauteng Region, Pick n Pay


Over the past year, we have had more than sixty employees, representing all levels of seniority and work experience, attend and benefit from Patricia’s workshop. As a facilitator, Patricia was highly effective – she was polished and professional and thus was able to quickly establish credibility with our audience of sophisticated professionals. At the same time, she was warm and encouraging, and provided constructive feedback in a way that empowered our employees. Patricia often went above and beyond, staying late after some of the sessions to help various participants by providing additional coaching. After each workshop, we asked participants to provide us with feedback regarding the program. Patricia received very high scores overall, and participants consistently commented that she was very knowledgeable, passionate about her area of expertise, and provided specific strategies that helped them to improve their presentation skills dramatically. Additionally, participants felt Patricia’s outline for structuring presentations was a practical tool that can be readily applied to presentations of any length. Overall, in working with external training providers, Sotheby’s holds high standards for both style and substance. Patricia ranks as one of the best with whom we’ve worked and we look forward to partnering with her on future programs.

Vice President, Learning and Development, Worldwide Human Resources, Sotheby’s

Back in Brazil I would like to thank you for such a useful workshop on presentation skills. The impressive progress we all made between the first and second presentation, the latter based on your system, was a definitive proof of its efficiency and yet so surprisingly easy to apply!   This said I would like to add that it was your warmth and compassion that made us more confident in pushing our limits and, by doing so, achieving better results. I especially appreciated how you reviewed our presentations enhancing their positive aspects first and then carefully suggesting adjustments instead of raw criticism, so that none of us would feel embarrassed or lose motivation. Building on the positive is something I shall take with me as a side benefit of your workshop!   This was indeed a memorable experience! Challenging, rewarding and promoting a bonding with my fellow participants. Thank you so much Patricia!

Sotheby’s Presidente-Administradora – Brasil

New York Life

Thank you Patricia! I’m very fortunate to be coached by you. In addition to learn the presentation techniques, I treasure the mindfulness and grace in you that will remind me to find my own grace. Thank you again and will talk to you soon.

Manager, New York Life

Frenkel & Co., Inc

…we are delighted to have partnered with you in the efforts to elevate the presentation and communication skills of our insurance brokers. Your background and experience are the key to the program’s success. You have a unique way of reading a person’s personality and making the presentation program fit their strengths and positives; instead of the presenter being forced into a structure that does not suit them…

…the facts speak for themselves. Your impact on our company is hugely successful and we look forward to partnering with you on our next group of sessions.

Vice President, Human Resources, Frenkel & Co., Inc

Heineken USA

…dozens of our staff have been fortunate to participate in your programs – always with excellent reviews. The upper management, division managers, district managers, merchandisers, and now many of the staff at our Headquarters have all benefited from your programs. Thanks to you we now have more confident presenters who are delivering more compelling, concise and interesting presentations….Thank you for the many successful and dynamic programs. We value your professionalism and dedication to bringing out the very best in each participant.

Organizational Development Coordinator, Heineken USA

For once, without doubt, I have been able to convince my audience and communicated the right message and achieved the desired results.

I have undertaken presentation courses in my career, but I found yours particularly stimulating, the balance between individual and group reviewsand demonstrations as well as the tips are enduring. 
I have the video of my presentations on my laptop and make it a point to review it over and over again, particularly during my frequent travels. The red hand-out is a must-carry item in my briefcase everyday.

Strategy Support Business Analyst, Manager for Cluster Africa, Heineken International, BV

I can’t send you enough admiration, esteem and gratitude, Patricia! I gave one big guest lecture (so far; will repeat it many times elsewhere) on writing & the teaching of writing, which was relatively easy… but as I now prepare the bigger, harder one we worked on…my amazement and thanks for your gifts & insights & guidance just grows & grows! “Patricia you were with me thru every lecture. I tried hard to speak slowly! Changed tempo and tone! I walked to and made sure to return fro! Don’t know what I’d do, where I’d be, if I hadn’t met you.”

JHC, Fulbright fellow, Journalism, Beijing China

Patricia was a revelation. I never realized how much of a speech can be finessed in highly effective ways before one even steps in front of the crowd. She opened my eyes to factors I always believed I could not control and feared, showing me how to manage them and arming me with real, tangible techniques that would have taken me years to develop without her. Her suggestions and critiques, always to the point but with a light touch, left me with an enthusiasm I never had before for public speaking. Thank you, Patricia!

LMcG, author and journalist

I’d like to thank you most sincerely for your highly professional and very expert assistance in helping me turn my academic presentation around 360Degrees! From a dry and linear presentation, it has now become “textured” and interesting, with a far better chance of having my audience really listen, and making the impact I had hoped for.

What a great privilege to have this kind of assistance when writing an important presentation. Thank you Patricia!

Dr G, Department of Communication Pathology, University of Pretoria

Guggenheim and Asher – Art Advisors

I don’t know how to thank you enough for your wisdom and your guidance. Working with you was truly an incredible experience.

I’m still baffled at how you were able to get to the heart of what I do, in such a short period of time and that you were able to give me the ability to see with such clarity how to deliver my message – something that for me was often cloudy.

You managed to help me to feel confident about telling my story and conveying my analysis in my words, but in a format that other people would want to hear. You are a master at what you do. Any client is lucky to meet you.

AA, Guggenheim and Asher

Access Insurance

…it was both informative and enjoyable at the same time….the high quality of material you covered was new and effective. Since there was such an overwhelming positive feedback, we will definitely be calling upon you to refresh our people.

Director of Marketing, World Access

Student Assistance Services

Our entire staff loved your workshop on Effective Presentation Skills. Your presentation style, the concrete skills you imparted, and the experiential activity worked together to make this one of the most valuable pieces of our summer training program.

Executive Director/Director of Community Prevention, Student Assistance Services

Interview Preparation

Nobody, BUT NOBODY, has been able to give me the pertinent and value-added feedback that you did. You really highlighted skills that I hadn’t even thought to include and finally made me break through the “trite” in positioning myself.

Director, Executive Search Firm

Patricia, in the excellent one-on-one coaching session, took me through a mock interview process. She quickly identified several key areas in my responses that could be eliminated, refined or strengthened. She worked with me to focus my opening statement to be sharp, concise and convincing. She offered easy steps to help frame answers even to the tough questions likely to be posed by skilled, even challenging interviewers.

By the end of the short training, Patricia skillfully conveyed both what an interview is all about and how best to be prepared.

Patricia’s emphasis on preparation paid off: I went into the interviews well prepared and confident. The end result also speaks for itself: I got the job.

RJ, Interview Coaching