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Projecting with Power

Fake it till you make it….

When I work with quiet, shy or restrained speakers and I push them to project more forcefully….sometimes…. once they feel that energy  they understand what it feels like to take it to the next level and they like it. In fact they love it. And at the same time it builds confidence.

It can feel like the power and growl of a sports car – you can feel it in your body!

A few years ago I worked with a Brand manager of a large international beverage company who was presenting at a major National Distributor meeting. He was handsome, quiet, refined…..but frankly, as a speaker, he appeared weak, unconvincing and uncommitted to his message.

When we rehearsed I urged him to take it up 10%…and then again 10%…and again 10%….and again. And finally he felt it. He could feel the vibrations of his voice, feel the strength behind his message, felt the command of the audience…..and felt much more CONFIDENT.

He faked it, (because it was not natural for him to be so forceful) till he made it.

You too can push yourself, feel the roar and embrace the power!

Car racing

Photo Credit: Old Boone via Compfight cc

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