Training Programs

Training Programs

What to Expect from a Patricia Kantor Associates Workshop

Presentation Skills Training is a valuable asset for anyone’s career. Often powerful presenters achieve recognition for their work and advance further and faster than their untrained associates. We offer the following exclusive workshop settings.

If you want something really important to be done you must not merely satisfy the reason, you must move the heart also. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Individual / Executive Presentation Training

Individual training allows a participant to focus intensely on the fundamentals of powerful presentations. Sessions are attuned to developing personal strengths through interaction between the participant and coach. Participants explore presentation objectives and the skills needed to craft a persuasive presentation. Videotaping along with personalized review allows participants to obtain instant feedback, developing and refining their new skills.

Small Group Presentation Workshops

This workshop provides all the fundamentals of preparing, designing and developing a powerful presentation, while still focusing on the individual within a group setting. All elements of training are covered in this  workshop which is always customized for your company. Some topics include key message identification, the organizing outline and how to engage an audience.

Additional benefits to be gained from the group workshop: Participants benefit from directed group feedback; team building emerges from the co-operative nature of the workshop; the corporate culture is clarified and strengthened.

Customized Programs for OCHA

Patricia has collaborated with Bev Hayman on a variety of projects for UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and other organizations over the past 15 years. They share a vision for providing rigorous and customized training programs, always with the aim of developing strategic communication skills, including management skills, facilitation, persuasive presentation skills.

The Comprehensive Resident Coordinator Coaching Program for UNOCHA:

One highlight of their work together has been to deliver a high-level coaching program for UNOCHA (the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) in Geneva. This intensive program focuses on preparing and coaching select candidates for the rigorous Resident Coordinator Assessment. These assessments are conducted annually for the global position of Resident Coordinator for UN country offices. This customized and tailored program focuses on a variety of skills and strategies that the Resident Coordinator candidates should master before attending the assessment at RCAC (Resident Coordinator Assessment Center). The coaching program focuses on understanding the expectations and role of the RC and preparing for the challenging RCAC environment. It provides specific examples and exercises to practice the various modules, all tailored for the intensive RC assessment. Topics include:

  • negotiation skills
  • writing skills
  • competency-based interviews
  • persuasive presentation skills
  • media interview training

Individual Coaching for Resident Coordinator Candidates:

Patricia also coaches individual Resident Coordinator candidates for the RCAC and candidates for position of Resident Representative. The coaching is tailored to the individual’s skill level, experience, and the intensive RC assessment.

In personalized sessions, candidates practice scenarios, interview questions, and prepare answers to questions. She offers coaching in person or via Skype. Topics include:

  • writing exercises
  • competency-based interviews
  • persuasive presentation skills
  • media interview training

Large Group Settings

“Powerful Presentations” is a favorite topic for industry retreats, company meetings and break-out sessions. These programs provide a forum for the sharing of detailed “best practices” presentation techniques. Emphasis is placed on sharing a large fund of proven tips and techniques that the audience can implement immediately in both developing and delivering their presentations. Question and Answer components allow participants to personalize their newly acquired tools to their own needs.

Launches and Special Events

Patricia works closely with Managing Directors and C-Level Executives (CEOs, COOs, CFOs) on an individual and team basis preparing them for  business pitches, speeches, presentations and reports. These launches and special events include Corporate and Executive Board meetings, Product launches in the Technical, Insurance and Financial fields, including Hedge Fund launches; Government, Town Hall meetings and other Public Sector engagements.

Training for these special presentations entails carefully identifying the key points and strategy, crafting those into a theme; unifying the message throughout the presentation and tailoring the pitch to the target audience. Helping executives develop the message and refine their professional presence is an area of specialization for Patricia.

International Communication and Presentation Training

Patricia Kantor Associates offers a unique series of workshops designed for businesses that operate globally.

These programs offer specialized Presentation Training for speakers in response to an ever expanding and current need from international  companies and organizations to present a unified message across geographic borders. Communication and Presentation Training workshops specifically address language and cultural barriers; and also include training for Executive Interviews, Business Etiquette and Business Writing courses.

Patricia Kantor Associates works with many large and medium sized companies and organizations in the US who present to international audiences. In addition Patricia has worked on site with organizations and companies in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Africa to help foreign-based presenters adjust to US business expectations.

Cultural Competency Training

Patricia Kantor Associates has also partnered with CenterNorth to provide a comprehensive suite of programs, called Cultural Competency Training. These high impact programs address the issues of cultural alignment and seamless working relations across borders. They equip senior executives with the key insights necessary to partner productively with colleagues and customers from varying backgrounds.

The Cultural Competency training model also includes Presentation Training to strengthen communication skills across borders. Business Etiquette training complements the programs to help executives adapt to international social and business expectations.

Cultural Competency Training programs include:

  1. Hidden Differences: Increasing cultural self-awareness
  2. Mastering the American Business Mindset
  3. Business Etiquette
  4. International Communication and Presentation Training.
  5. Management Training

Business Writing Workshop

Our custom-tailored workshop, featuring Jill Hamburg Coplan, a member of NYU’s journalism faculty begins with a diagnostic analysis,  identifying our client’s strengths and weaknesses. The workshop progresses through exercises, individual and group activities, and one-on-one coaching. Focus areas may include translating specialized jargon, pre-writing and organization, selecting what matters, or writing clearly and directly in sensitive situations while maintaining professional warmth. We provide customized templates (visual designs and narrative structures) for e-mail, memos and other documents, as well as workbooks, checklists, and a style guide of common errors. Participants leave with a deepened understanding of the writing process and the ability to write with greater logic and power.


Coaching for Executive Interviews

Executives who advance their careers as they change jobs come to realize that the executive interview itself is very much a presentation, albeit a specialized one. These sessions focus on crafting a message that clearly communicates  one’s personal achievements and strengths. Emphasis is placed on what one has learned from past managerial  experiences in terms of such critical areas as leadership, delegating, trust, and highlighting a host of other high level personal skills. Executives are coached to gain advantage in the interview process by making it a conversational  presentation of their strengths. Attention is given to preparation of well crafted responses, polishing the Executive’s professional presence and clarifying the impression they wish to make.

“When sitting in the interview, or in front of the Board, the executive should be prepared with well crafted responses, even a mini presentation on a variety of topics…but it should feel like a conversation”.